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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oooh So Good

Tonight I had a craving for chocolate.  Ever since I realized that I have an allergy to peanut, I have cut most chocolate out (with the exception of a small Boom Choco Boom square here and there).  I used to eat chocolate every day.  Although my peanut allergic reaction is pretty small, I decided it best to keep it out of my diet because I believe it made my other food allergies worse.  I have yet to find a doctor who agrees with.  I digress.

I searched one of my favorite recipe sites for food allergies Food Allergy Mama and found this absolutely delightful (yes chocolate is delight for me) Dairy, Eagg and Nut-Free Chocolate Pudding Cake.  It's ooey good and we ate it with ice cream.  Our daughter had Purely Decadent Coconut Milk ice cream.

**Side note:  I was asking our daughter tonight if the coconut milk ice cream hurt her anywhere.  A question I am starting to ask her when she eats foods I'm allergic to or worry should could be allergic to.  With my allergies you can't see them, but I can feel them tighten my throat.  She told me yes.  I thought that was actually odd since this is the second container of Purely Decadent she's devouring.  I asked her where she hurt.  She pointed to the top of her head.  I asked some questions about other foods if they hurt her and she said no to all.  I asked if Mommy's milk hurt her and she said yes.  I asked where and she told me her cheeks, which is where she gets hives.  I asked again about the coconut milk ice cream and she said it hurt the top of her head.  I realized she must have eaten it too fast and it gives her an "ice cream headache."  Don't you just wish you could get in that little brain sometimes?**

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