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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My food allergies- update

I have previously posted about my food allergies.  To summarize, I am allergic to all things living and can't eat raw fruits and vegetables, which is called Oral Allergy Syndrome.  I can eat raw foods but I normally have a minor sore throat.  Recently, I had a reaction to shellfish.  This really worried me that I might have an allergy to it.  I decided that it was best that I see an allergist.  I haven't visited an allergist in almost 15 years.  They try to help, but I tend to know about what to do than they do.  I figured maybe there has been some new treatment or research that would help me.  

I didn't really get the help from the doctor that I had hoped for.  Long story short, two blood tests and a skin test later I found out that I am not allergic to shellfish, but also found out I have a peanut allergy and a couple other tree nut allergies.  The peanut allergy is a total shock to me. I eat peanut butter granola bars almost every day and eat peanut butter on a regular basis.  I can't think of ever having a reaction.  The nurse told me that if I can eat it then I'm "one of the lucky few."  Confused.  I decided it was best to eliminate peanut from my diet and reintroduce it in a few weeks.  During this process I got some blood test results and asked the nurse how long the peanut protein stays in the system.  She asked the doctor and he said if I didn't notice a change after not eating the peanuts that I can eat it again.  Well, that was not an answer.  It was almost like the doctor didn't even care.  I explained that I have so many reactions daily that it really would be hard to know if I had a mild reaction to peanuts.  By daily reactions I mean sneezing, minor throat irritations, etc.  I just live with it without really noticing much anymore.  The nurse understood my logic, but didn't really have any further advice.

I am going to see a dietician in June and hope to have a plan of action in place by then.  I'm going to slowly try different fruits and vegetables to see what really bothers me a lot and what I might be able to tolerate in small doses.  As for the nuts, I think I'm going to stay away from all except nuts I am not allergic to that are packaged in a plant that doesn't cross contaminate.  Boy oh Boy, it would just be nice to eat...

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