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If you need further information please contact a doctor. If you need to verify a product's ingredients, please look at current labels and contact the company yourself. Note many posts are several years old. Use your best judgment and do not make up comments to scare people.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Nut Note

Our daughter suffers from nut allergies as well as milk and egg.  But not all nuts are bad, but finding certain nuts or even sunflower seeds that aren't processed with nuts she's allergic to is a big challenge.

I recently was in a health food store and saw a product for nuts that interested me.  No where on the label did it say "manufactured in a facility with other tree nuts or peanuts."  Hesitant to buy, I made a mental note of the product and e-mailed that afternoon.  

The company is Now Foods, a fairly common brand found at health food stores.  This was their reply to my inquiry about whether their nuts and sunflower seeds were cross-contaminated:
We are a peanut free facility and no tree nuts cross contamination is occuring.
Our GMP certification and extensive cleaning of the machines between runs limits potential cross contamination with other allergens including tree nuts, soy, wheat, and other allergens.  
Our testing indicates our products to be free of cross contamination. We are GMP certified and need to carefully handle our products and breakdown and clean packaging machines between runs. See our website for more info under a search for GMP.

Isn't that great news.  Yes, the cost might be a little more than the grocery store or Wal-Mart.  But to have food that is "safe" is worth it! 

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