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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday - Dinner

**This is a week-long series that will detail the food that I feed my almost 3-year-old who has multiple food allergies, including dairy, egg, tree nuts, and peanuts.  Each day I will detail the food she eats for her meal.  I will update snacks with the dinner menu.  Included you will see how I menu plan and prepare meals for the allergic child. I will be starting Sunday (although I will be skipping Monday).**

Wednesday - Dinner

Nachos (just use vegan cheese instead of dairy).  Note:  I make our daughter's nachos in a separate dish and bake next to ours in the oven.  Hardly any extra time to do, but took me a long time to realize that I could do it.  Why are the simplest ideas the hardest to come up with?

Leftover applesauce from lunch


I use the taco shells from the kit.  I heat them in oil for a couple minutes, then break into bite size pieces.  I also use the sauce packet with the beans to mash them into refried beans.  I save the taco seasoning packet for future taco meal.  PS.  I go this extra cheap at Target -- I used a $1/2 coupon when they were priced $1.79 each.  Making this only $1.29 for 12 tacos, 3 oz taco sauce and taco seasoning.

I bought these black beans for only 99 cents.  After cooking them, I usually freeze them in 1 cup portions for meals such as this.  Quick and easy and good for you too.

This is the small baking dish I use when I am making a meal separate and dairy-free for our daughter.  It also came with a lid for those meals when she doesn't eat it all and I can just pop it in the fridge for a backup meal later in the week.
Our "real" cheesy nachos on the left.  Our dairy-free toddler's nachos on the right.

Snacks:  No AM snack (slept in again), No PM snack either (she's took a long nap that just about ran into dinner).  She must be growing, again!

Note:  She has a water cup available to her all day long.

If you have missed any other meals from this week, be sure to go here!

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  1. Loving your meal planning this week. Great timing as my husband & I are just starting a meal planning system. My little miss is out of luck on the home-made spagetti-o's as she currently tests positive for tomato allergies, (and until she is old enough to tell us what effects foods have, that is all we have to go by), but those are brilliant. She tried a black bean salad yesterday and loved it; so much fun to try feeding her toddler versions of our favorite foods!
    I love the idea of making pancakes/waffles in bulk and freezing them, but I haven't tried it yet. Any tips or good recipes. In the meantime, she is eating VANS gluten/egg/dairy-free french toast. I swear we would never make it out the door in the morning if she didn't have those to munch on!


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