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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good results

Do not do allergy testing at home unless advised by a doctor.

We know our daughter's dairy reaction, so we test for milk at home. I recently mention our testing plan for milk at home. We haven't tested anything since August, when she turned 2 years old.  No sense in testing often if the child is going to react.  We tend to test every 6 months or so right now.  We are optomistic that she will outgrow the milk allergy because she tolerates it so well in baked goods.  

Yesterday, I made a chicken pot pie.  I used Earth's Balance margarine and 2 percent milk. I used Pillsbury pie crust because it also had no milk and she has had it before.  She had eaten every other item in the chicken pot pie before, so I knew we were just testing to see if she can tolerate a casserole with milk.  

Well, as toddlers go, she didn't eat a lot, but she took several bites.  She licked her finger after placing them in the creamy sauce.  In the past, a reaction occurred shortly after giving her about a teasponn of milk-based icing (not cooked).  She at least had that much last night.  

The results:  No reaction!!  Hooray.  No more making two chicken pot pies.  

**In case you were wondering how I made dairy-free chicken pot pie, I use this recipe and adjust. I replaced rice milk for cow's milk and used dairy-free margarine for butter**

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