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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Soybutter - Hooray!

I recently wanted to try Soybutter, but the sample request I made was with 50,000 other people.  So they didn't send the sample out due to cost.  I actually forgot all about it until I got an e-mail from the company stating that now samples would inccur a shipping charge.  Well, I figured I might as well just find it and try it for cost of the sample.

Soybutter is completely nut-free.  Listed here are the health benefits. And it tastes really (really) close to peanut butter.  I was so excited when I tried it because it's consistency is very close to peanut butter.  I now can make puppy chow, soybutter sandwiches, soybutter cookies and so many other fun recipes for our nut-allergic daughter.  I found it at Walmart under the Great Value label and it was just under $3.  I would have never figured out that I could buy it there unless I had done the research prior.  To find soybutter near you go here. To search a Walmart near you that may carry soybutter, go here.

Our daughter seemed to like her first bites. I put it on crackers.  No reaction (you never really know no matter how safe it says it is). I call it a success as she ate two whole crackers and licked some of the other crackers.  She also makes happy humming sounds when she eats something she likes and I heard those, too.

Our daughter does occasionally eat Sunbutter, but it's a hit and miss.  The jar we have has small sunflower seeds in it and I'm not sure she likes those.  It has a great flavor, too.  But not exactly like peanut butter and it is a little more oily than peanut butter or soybutter.

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