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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh, yeah...I forgot

We don't go out to eat very often.  When we do we bring several activities for our daughter to do.  If I haven't mention it before -- she's very active and needs to be occupied all the time.  I'll bring crayons, paper, small books that fit in my purse and of course, snack.  We also play I-Spy, although we don't call it that.

Last weekend, we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse.  I haven't been there in years and I remembered really liking their rolls.  I also wanted a salad to see how my allergic reaction to raw vegetables was doing.  We walked in and stepped on peanut shells.  We were seated at the smallest two-seater booth with a high chair.  I did my normal wipe down of the high chair.  The table had the rolls and butter in the center, which was only an arms reach from our daughter.  My husband and I looked at each other and I said "oh yeah, I forgot they have peanuts," as we looked at the big pail of peanuts pushed into the corner.  We had a free appetizer and that just added to the problem and then I got a salad with Ranch dressing and my husband had soup with cheese.  Are you getting the idea -- she was allergic to everything that was brought to this tiny table.  I only brought snack for her, which she was eating very quickly. I kept watching her snack deplete hoping our food would come soon.  I was relieved that the service was quick.  She started biting on her fingers almost itching them.  We kept saying, look up so we can check your chin.  I ordered shrimp (we still don't know if she's allergic to shellfish) and it came before I finished my salad.  Oh my, the butter was within reach again.  We were wiping our hands with Clean and Go Wipes often.  And I went to wash my hands after I ate.  My husband didn't feel secure walking on the peanut shells that were all over the floor (it was slippery), so he just used wipes.  Then she started taking her shirt off -- we were sure she was itching and uncomfortable.  My husband took her out while I paid.  It turned out she did NOT have any reaction of any kind. Thank goodness.

It was stressful.  Normally eating out is not that bad.  My advice -- avoid Texas Roadhouse if you or your children have allergies.

(Oh, I reacted pretty bad to the salad.  My throat hurt until I went to sleep that night.)

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