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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Very interesting -- my allergies

I recently posted about the several food allergies the I recently tested positive for.  For the most part, there weren't too many surprises.  Except for the fact that I tested positive to peanuts.  I've eaten peanuts my whole life and when I got the results back I was eating a granola bar every morning that contained peanut butter.  I eliminated peanuts and peanut butter out of my diet completely for about a month.  This morning I was brave and tried one of those granola bars.  As whenever I eat something I that I think I might potentially react to, I tell myself "I'm going to eat this and probably not notice anything."  I so want to eat everything that causes allergic reactions to my system.

I was really curious to see if in fact I was one of the "lucky few" (as the nurse told me when I told her I eat peanuts all the time) who didn't have a reaction.  I knew after all my research for my daughter that the only way to know was to take it away and reintroduce.  I ate up that granola bar and something did happen.  My throat got very congested.  It was a familiar congestion that I used to get all the time.  I thought it just came about every morning for no reason.  Now I realize it was the peanut butter in the granola.   It wasn't a severe reaction by any means.  But I couldn't believe how immediate it was after eating the granola bar.  It was enough of a reaction for me to conclude that it's best I stay away from it if I can.  My goodness, to think the doctor told me not to worry about it

In my quest to figure all my allergies out.  I have eliminated some other toxins from my system.  I was once (for 15 plus years) a huge Pepsi fan.  I drank a couple cans a day.  I've been exercising consistently for about 5 months now -- even lost 8 pounds.  I noticed my exercised body really didn't like that corn syrup that much.  In the past couple months I ended up pouring out 1/4 to 1/2 a can after drinking it.  Well, that just seemed like money down the drain.  So I cut it out.  Once in a while will be my plan.  Just those three things have made me feel much better.  You never really know how you feel until you change.

For all of those of you with children with food allergies, my best advice to you is to listen and be patient.  Listen to you child and look for patterns.  A test result will not give you all the answers.  In my test results, it didn't even show me positive for a few things I know I'm allergic to and have been almost all my life.  I'm thinking there must be false negatives, just as there are false positives when it comes to allergy testing.  Work with the allergies and it will be okay.  I promise.  Stay strong!

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