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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sneeze much?

This fall has just been terrible for our 3-year-old in terms of seasonal allergies.  While I wish I had a magical way to teach her to blow her nose, I don't.  She's been pretty sneezy and coughy the last couple months.  For a while I was using a saline spray with her, but it was a battle that upset her too much.  Although I truly believe that would be very helpful.

Today I was shopping and found a different type of saline spray that doesn't require laying down or tilting a head back.  It's call Kid's Mist SinuCleanse.  I showed it to our daughter and got her excited about it.  I told her she would be able to do it herself (within it time) and she was very interested in using it.  So far we've used it twice and have had no tears (or screaming).  I highly recommend you try it for allergy season or even for cold season.

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