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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snack idea -- Gingerbread house

So I had this elaborate plan to use this dairy-free frosting to make a gingerbread house with my 2-year-old. Well, we didn't succeed.  One, I'm really not that crafty, although I try.  Two, she couldn't help but lick her fingers every two seconds.  And three the frosting wasn't that good of a glue.  So, as I looked at it I realized we could still make a house that would meet my little one's standard.  Note no assemble required.  It was almost like decorating a cookie.

graham crackers
frosting (we love this recipe)
dairy-free chocolate chips
fruit snacks
gummy worms, cut up (I bought these at Target for 99 cents-- the gumdrops were too big for my daughter to eat and were almost $4.)
Any other favorite little snacks

1. Cut graham cracker so it has a peak to look like a house.
2. Put frosting on the graham cracker -- be sure to let your little one do this.  I used the other end of a plastic spoon as a knife, so she could safely frost the  house.

3. Put candy/decorations on frosting.
4. Eat up.  I let her eat it right away.  She demonstrated so much restraint decorating that I had to reward her with the tasty treat!

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