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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dairy-Free S'mores

Oooey gooey s'mores are so much fun to eat.  You don't need a campfire to make them.  You can easily make them in the microwave in under a minute.  You can even sneak in a quick math lesson while having your child help.

Dairy-Free S'mores
Graham crackers
Dairy-free chocolate chips

1. Break graham cracker in half to have two squares.

2. Put about 20 chocolate chips on one side.
3. Put 5 marshmallows on the other side.
4. Microwave chocolate chip side for 40 seconds.  Microwave marshmallow side for the last 20 seconds.  (Note microwaving may vary -- test to see what works best for you).

5. Spread melted chocolate and melted marshmallow on graham cracker.
6. Place crackers together. Enjoy!

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