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I am saddened by the comments on this blog that often take a judgmental turn. The information is intended to be just that -- information. You need to make your own decisions for your life and be accountable for your actions. I debated closing the blog, but feel there are many valuable items listed for families struggling with food allergies, especially early on.

If you need further information please contact a doctor. If you need to verify a product's ingredients, please look at current labels and contact the company yourself. Note many posts are several years old. Use your best judgment and do not make up comments to scare people.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No More Rack

I don't normally post non-allergy related items here.  But this looks really interesting.  The site is called No More Rack.  When you sign up you get a $10 credit -- shipping is rumored at $2. Most items are listed around or just above the $10 mark.  I think it might have some potential to get something really cheap.  Check it out and let me know if you get anything interesting.

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